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FSIS Accredited Laboratories

The Accredited Laboratory Program (ALP) accredits nonfederal analytical chemistry laboratories to analyze meat and poultry food products for moisture, protein, fat, and salt (MPFS) content and/or certain classes of chemical residues. Currently the specific chemical residues are chlorinated hydrocarbons (CHC), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB), sulfonamides, nitrosamines, and arsenic.

The ALP administers proficiency test (PT) sample events in support of this program. The ALP is accredited to the ISO 17043 standard as a PT Provider | Certificate of ISO 17043 Accreditation. The ALP is also accredited to the ISO 17034 standard as a Reference Material Producer | Certificate of ISO 17034 Accreditation.

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Photo of Scientist preparing sample in laboratory FSIS Accredited Laboratories (October 2020; PDF Only)
A list of laboratories accredited by FSIS is available. It is updated approximately once a month.


Photo of Scientist using microscope Estimated Proficiency Testing Schedule for 2020
A schedule for the estimated sample shipping and results reporting dates is available for participating laboratories.

ALP Authority

The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) ALP is authorized by the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Section 9, Parts 439 and 391.

Requirements for Accreditation

The requirements for accreditation are contained in 9 CFR, Part 439 and 391. In addition, there are operational instructions and procedures that need to be followed. Some of the requirements are:

  • Submission of FSIS Form 10,110-2, Application for FSIS Accredited Laboratory Program (PDF Only)
  • Payment of Accreditation Fees
  • Adequate Facilities and Equipment
  • Personnel Qualifications
  • Sample Control, Sample Integrity
  • Records Management
  • Test Report Content and Format
  • Use of Official and Approved Analytical Methods
  • Random on-site Review and Audit of Facilities
  • Participation in Proficiency Testing Programs

Additional Information About ALP

  • Testing: Accreditation is limited to chemical testing of meat and poultry food products. When accredited, the analytical laboratory may be used in lieu of an FSIS laboratory for analyzing official regulatory samples.
  • Availability: The Accredited Laboratory Program is voluntary and there is a non-refundable accreditation fee. Currently, the annual fee is $5,000 for the first analyte class accreditation, $2,900 for the second, and $2,100 for each additional analyte class accreditation.These fees cover the costs of administering the program, including regularly scheduled on-site reviews and the proficiency test samples.
  • Accreditation Frequency: Accreditation is continuous. However, accreditation will be withdrawn if the laboratory fails to meet the requirements of the rules in 9 CFR or if the required accreditation fees are not paid.
  • Recommended Procedures: The Accredited Laboratory Program recommends that participating laboratories follow standardizing procedures. Appropriate standards include Good Laboratory Practices and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Guide 17025.
  • Proficiency Testing Program: Participation in the FSIS check sample program is required for both the initial and continued accreditation.
    • Reporting Levels: FSIS reporting levels are published in the FSIS methods. Current methods can be found in the Chemistry Laboratory Guidebook (CLG). Please contact the ALP staff for additional information.
    • QA/QC Recoveries:: FSIS recoveries are published in the FSIS methods. Current methods can be found in the Chemistry Laboratory Guidebook (CLG), as cited above, for reporting levels. Information on current FSIS QA/QC recovery ranges is available from the ALP staff at the contact information below.
  • Logo: There are no logos. However, the accredited laboratory may claim that it is USDA-FSIS Accredited for specific analysis of meat and poultry products.
  • Recognition: ALP is recognized by all Federal and State Government agencies dealing with meat and poultry inspection. Some foreign countries also recognize it.

Address for Correspondence

ALP is administered by the Office of Public Health and Science, FSIS.

Mail and packages for the Accredited Laboratory Program should be addressed to: Accredited Laboratory Program, Russell Research Center, Ste. PB-4, 950 College Station Rd., Athens, GA 30605.

Email inquiries and suggestions can be sent to: ALP@usda.gov.

The point of contact for the ALP is Jenny Scifres, (706) 546-2337.


Last Modified Oct 09, 2020